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A little bit about us...

Burning Sensation is focused on end game raiding. We're not as hardcore as they come, but we are not casual. You come to raid, you die many times, and you see all of the end game content. If you don’t show on time consistently, if you don’t bring consumables and your A-game, then you go buh-bye.

Burning Sensation was created after someone inappropriately touched a squirrel or two during raids, and was inflicted with something that made it hurt when he went tinkle. Worse, merely healing others would pass along this ailment! After finding no cure with penicillin, those with this burning affliction rallied together. We are Burning Sensation, we’re full of BS, and there's no cure.

Ok, so that has nothing to do really with what we are about, but it does reflect the kind of sense of humor you’re going to need to have to be a part of our guild. If you find that offensive, don’t bother applying. We will not bend to meet your needs, there are too many other competent Horde guilds on Draka you can go to.

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Dec 19, 2017 at 04:34 PM
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The Burning Sensation will never fade!

This website still lives!
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