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> Raiders are expected to maintain 80% attendance (no more than 3 raids missed per month).
> Raiders are expected to notify officers if they are going to be late or absent. This can be done by posting on the forums, or messaging one of the officers directly.
> Any raider who is absent or more than 30 minutes late without notifying the officers in some way, will receive a ‘strike’. After 3 strikes, they will be demoted to a moochie for 1 week. Each additional strike received while in moochie status will extend the punishment by 1 week. Three strikes as a moochie and you will be demoted to FnF and no longer automatically invited to raids. Strikes do not expire.

Raid Schedule:

> Raids occur every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Invites will go out shortly after 7:00pm server time. All invited raiders are expected to be at the designated instance and ready to pull at 7:15pm.
> There will be a raid break near the time our 2nd flasks wear off. Raiders are expected to return promptly after the break, at the risk of being docked EP.
> Raids will end as close to 10:30pm server time as possible, depending on length of encounters. Additional attempts past 10:30pm may be made if the group unanimously votes to continue.


> Burning Sensation has always been oriented towards raid progression. No one likes spending an entire night beating their head against a brick wall, and having nothing to show for it. However, progress is made by repeated attempts and learning the mechanics, not by farming easy content.
> All raiders are expected to know the general strategy for each new encounter.
> All raiders are required to know the optimal spec, glyphs, talents for their class for each encounter. Raiders should be familiar with tactics for each encounter, specific to their class, which they can utilize to maximize performance. Analyzing data on World of Logs is helpful, in addition to reading class specific forums/sites.

Sitting Out:

> During progression content, sitting out will be done on an encounter by encounter basis. The goal being to have the most optimal group composition possible, so that our time is used most effectively. Players who sat out for the initial kill of a boss will be brought in for subsequent kills. There will be an effort made to keep this as fair as possible. The list of when each raider last sat out is available here.
> If you are sitting out, you can log onto an alt or leave raid on your main. In either case, you need to remain on Ventrilo or otherwise be reachable in case you need to replace someone in the raid.
> On Farm Night, raiders may choose to switch in and out between different bosses, depending on who needs loot or who has gone the longest without sitting out.
> The raid leader reserves the right to alter the raid composition on any night, for any reason.
> Being absent from raid is not the same as sitting out. To be marked as sitting out you need to be available in Ventrilo or guild chat so that you can be called in if needed.


> While enjoyable to receive, loot and upgrades are just a means to an end. When any member of the raid receives gear, the raid as a whole benefits. Sharing gear evenly amongst members has additional benefits. It promotes a sense of equality, and mitigates our losses when a raid member leaves the guild. In general, the most optimal way to distribute loot is to give each piece to the person it would benefit most, therefore benefiting the raid the most.
> When an item drops and multiple people are interested in it, it falls to those players to discuss it amongst themselves to determine who it will benefit the most. This is not always the same as the person who *wants* it the most. In early progression stages, gear should preferentially go to tanks and healers if possible (i.e. tier tokens).
> The officers can overrule loot decisions if they feel that there could be a more optimal distribution. Raid members should not get their hearts set on getting specific items. It is not healthy for guild cohesion and does not promote the “raid group” mindset.
> If a member of the raid group is not a member of the guild the following procedure applies: a guild member who wants the loot rolls a 1-200, while the outside player rolls a 1-100. Whomever rolls the higher number wins the piece of loot. This may change for specific encounters or situations.

Personal Conduct:

> As a member of Burning Sensation, you are expected to behave in a way which portrays the guild in a positive light at all time. This includes, but is not limited to: No trolling in general chat or trade chat. No harassing players from other guilds for any reason. No 'ninja looting' even in completely random pick-up groups.
> During raids all players are expected to keep the general atmosphere fun and positive. This means no arguing, whining, yelling or antagonizing. There is a difference between making fun of and deliberately offending someone. Treat fellow raiders with respect. Everyone is playing this game voluntarily.
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