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#9602639 Jun 06, 2014 at 06:19 AM
First I'd like to say I like you all you've been very cool to me, I will touch briefly on my open offer for 20k on protectors...1 it needs to be announced and 2 review the 25 logs, this game has offered me little to no joy since before december that's why I quit raiding, I've been actively seeking another raid for atleast 6 months. To be perfectly honest I joined <Burning Sensation> simply because the name, since joining I've come to enjoy each one of you, I really wish this would've went down months ago cuz you guys are legit!

One of the apps I've filled out since then is looking promising, believe it or not I have some solid logs and there is a good chance I'll get an invite, if not I'd really like the ok to set roots down here though it was never my intention. All bs aside some of you guys are crazy good, Jinkee is a legit raid leader, I only wish I would've met you guys prior to looking else where.

No matter what happins Snewsnew will never be to good to kick it with any of you, hopefully that works both ways.

much respect -Snewsnew
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