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After we have been losing many of our members to real life commitments we have opened the floodgates on our recruitment. If you are a DPS class or figure you are exceptional at your class please feel free to apply. If you are interested please continue to read below and find out what we are immediately looking for.

Quick Info:
Formed 2006 (some of the core have been together since Draka came online in 2005)

Cataclysm Progress:
Tier 12 4/7 Heroic Mode
-Shannox, Rhyolith, Alys-Firebird-lady, and Majordomo

- Realm @ Draka PvE
- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday
- Raid invites: 7:10 p.m. CST
- 7:15 to 11:00 CST

Loot system:
EP/GP system

Current Openings: We are currently running with two 10man groups with the goal of getting our numbers up for to possibly go back to 25 mans again.

We are looking for the following to help us in our march through Firelands. We have the tanks, we have the healers we just lack the DPS classes!

Deathknight: (1-2) Blood or Frost
Mage: (1-2) Arcane or Fire
Paladin: (1-2) Retribution or Holy
Priest: (1-2) Shadow or Discipline
Rogue: (1-2) Assassination or Combat
Shaman: (2-3) Any Spec
Warlock: (1-2) Affliction

If you are not one of the specs or classes listed and you feel you can play your class and spec to its fullest potential please feel free to apply.


* We need you to have at least near full Tier 11 level gear. Please do not confuse PvP gear for PvE gear.

* Access to TeamSpeak 3 with a microphone preferably.

* Know your class. We don't expect you to ask us how it works.

* Any previous raid experience is a plus.

* Be ready to learn and wipe then wipe some more. You can't expect to down every boss the first time you attempt it.

*Being proactive and reading up or watching videos on all of the bosses in the current tier of progression.

* Attendance: Make sure you can make our raid times. We do not cater to holding spots for raiders who cannot make the majority of our raid nights. We understand if something comes up and any prior warning to missing a night is most welcomed.

*Do not mind sitting out of a raid the very rare odd night. (You still get full EP rewards for that night if you remain available on a character or in ventrillo)

What we offer:

* Teamspeak 3 server
* A mature, drama-free, and friendly environment
* Free consumables (flasks and food) during raids
* Free armor repairs during raids for full members
* All major professions covered for access to gear, enchants, glyphs, etc.
* EP/GP loot system to calculate loot priorities
* Off-night RBG team(s) usually on Mondays.
* Off-night alt raids.

If you want to talk to us, or you have any trouble with the website, contact any of the following officers in-game: Hurricanex, Surtur, Peppajack, Furyslayer or Imbalanced on the Draka server .
Imbalanced - Prot Paladin and a Retardadin as well.
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